What Guest Post is. 

Guest posting is a practice of submitting articles to blogs on related topics in exchange for promotion of the article as well as a link back to the author’s website. Bloggers offer free promotion by linking back to an author’s site in return for publishing their post or article on their own blog.

XamBlog does not charge any organization for posting their content on its platform, they only advise guest posters to follow the specified procedure within this platform. 

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XamBlog Appointment

  • While visiting us, XamBlog allows someone to write content for an organization. Most often, it takes time to create a blog and some are not interested in the process. Guest posting is an alternative for bloggers who struggle to create blog content. Organizations and niche blogs have guest posters who do the work for them. Allowing your content to be published with XamBlog increases your company profile, it helps your niche to gain traffic, build followers through the social media platforms.

XamBlog is a popular and effective way for businesses to share their content with potential customers online. Most websites that use guest blogging have a section on the site to submit blog posts, some in the form of an application, and others requesting posts that align with their website’s content. XamBlog provides an application form for any organization to post its content.

  • Organization blogs are an excellent way to build a reputation in a specific niche or industry while gaining exposure through specific content that spans different areas of expertise.

Organizations are taking advantage of guest posts and blog content to increase their reach. Guest posts can be the perfect way to share your organization’s story or expertise with a new audience.

Guidelines for every post

  • Keep your articles professional and respectful to the reader.
  • We do NOT accept:
    • Previously published content, so please submit your own original work.
    • Posts covering topics which already been covered on the blog.
    • Posts that do not provide any useful and meaningful insights.
    • Promotional posts for your company or organization.
    • Offensive or inaccurate posts.


  • The author must have a track record of writing great content.
  • URL related to the content Image must be submitted together with the content.
  • Outgoing links must be limited to two and a maximum of four.
  • The content must be detailed and unique.
  • You need to fully own the content.
  • Blog Post Length: The minimal size of the content is 750 words. Posts that are 1600+ words have a better chance of getting published.
  • Your article should have an introduction or description of the article’s contents.
  • Your article should have a conclusion.
  • well-written, thus without abusing passive voice.
  • No obvious grammar mistakes and typos.
  • well-structured content with six fewer keywords to your nitch.
  • Use links to prove your statements or any data you use in the articles. Please refer only to reliable sources.
  • Please observe all copyrights regarding any object.