A recent interview with most dealers of tea drinks has shown that using tea coasters can benefit your health. It’s true! Not only do they shield your home from water stains, but they can also assist in preventing the spread of bacteria & germs. By using a coaster, you can bypass placing your cup directly on surfaces where other people may have placed their cups, reducing the risk of catching illnesses. 

Using a coaster can promote 

  • Mindfulness
  • Relaxation
  • Encourages 

These will help you to take a moment to pause and enjoy your drink without stressing about possible impairment to your surroundings. So next time you make a cup of tea, remember to use a coaster and reap the surprising health benefits!

What drives people to use a coaster 

There are a few factors why people choose to use a tea coaster

  1. Firstly, it can enhance to protect surfaces from watermarks and stains caused by hot drinks. 
  2. It is important if you have expensive furnishings that you want to keep looking perfect for as long as possible. 
  3. Using a coaster can be a way to show off your individual style and taste. 
  4. Coasters come in many different designs and materials available, from wood to modern acrylic. One can choose something that reflects your personality. 
  5. Most people enjoy the habit of using a coaster. It can increase the knowledge of drinking coffee feel more special and indulgent, which is always a nice feeling!

Most used coasters you need to know about 

Coasters are an addition to any home, office and restaurant lover’s collection. They enhance the styles of your drink time but also have various functions and types. The five types of coasters and their functions:

1. Tea Coaster Cork Square: These are excellent for hot tea as they soak any 

  • Moisture
  • Spills
  • Condensation from the cup. 

They are also eco-friendly and reusable with a square shape when purchased.

2. Tea Coaster Set Round Brown: These coasters are perfect for cold tea as they permit users to see the condensation forming on a round form. They also rescue the surfaces from any scratches or cracks.

3. Tea Coaster Set square Black: These coasters are squared and black unique for any tea as they are affordable and can handle high temperatures. Square black also has a non-slip surface that holds a cup in place.

4. Tea Coaster PU Round: These PU coasters are perfect for a rustic or natural look with a round shape. They also grip any 

  • Wetness
  • Spills
  • Condensation from the cup.

5. Tea Coaster PU Square: These PU square coasters are marvellous for a modern or industrial look; they come in a square shape. They are also stable and can tolerate highly heated drinks. They are effortless to scrub and maintain.

Why is the coaster the most effective tool to protect our drink? 

Using the coaster is another effective means of covering drinks because 

  1. They prevent it from getting spilt or splashed. 
  2. They also cover the surface underneath the drink from getting damaged due to heat or water. 

In addition, coasters come in various materials, such as 

  • Cork
  • Wood
  • Metal

This help to soak any excess water and prevent the drink from slipping or sliding. 

Overall, the effectiveness of using tea coasters is the simple and most way to keep our drinks safe and our surfaces clean. It means it will enhance the environment by being clean. 

My encounter with coaster usage in a Dubai restaurant

As a traveller, I was on a trip to Palm Jumeirah when I dashed into a well-known cafeteria within the metro station. My observation and the welcoming smiles from the staff give me joy and confidence. 

While seating, a waiter approached me and demanded what she could offer me. I checked the menu and picked a cup of fruit juice. 

When the lady came, I could observe the covering of my juice and her catwalk, and I was astonished.

After the service from the lady and the package, and effective of the coaster, I fell in love with the restaurant. 

With the first impression, I started coming around the place each day I visited Jumeirah. I even come around with my family during the holidays to inspire them with the use of a coaster.  The end value of this coaster is that they help in securing our drinks from a split, dust and a lot more.

How does the coaster protect your reading environment?

Coasters are an amazing tool that helps in protecting your reading environment in most ways. 

  • It gives no room for water to drop both on the table or on the books
  • It serves as a means of protecting your state of the moment.
  • It has been found to be the simple means people enjoy drinking.
  • It is another useful tool to prevent your beverages from going cold or hot.
  • It has proven to be affordable for students who desire to drink while reading. 

In all, getting the best and most unique drink holder for your reading state will increase your reading skills because when you look at the beauty of the drink, the coaster holding the drink, you crake to read more.


Choosing the type of coaster that suits your needs and preferences. Ensure you have the perfect budget for looking for quality coasters. Happy drink time!

Thanks for reading through this article, and please let us understand your warmest opinion in the comment section. 

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