The Governor Of Abia State Alex Otti Has Stopped All Tax Collection Till Further notice

Following the governor-elect of Abia State in his second seating as His Excellency, The Executive Governor of Abia State, Alex Otti, has made a remarkable headline following his tweet on 31 May 2023.

He said, in line with my campaign (The executive Governor of Abia State) promise to sanitize methods of revenue collection in Abia and stop all kinds of extortion, intimidation and harassment of motorists, He said I had directed the immediate suspension of all kinds of Transport Levies payable to Abia state government
and imposed on Tricycles, Buses, Taxis and other commercial vehicles plying Abia roads.

This suspension takes immediate effect and will remain until we review these levies and make public arrangements for the smooth, organized and transparent collection of such Transport Levies.

In the light of the above decision, He said I have asked all those involved, directly and indirectly, to please discontinue immediately, or face the wrath of the law, as security agents have been briefed and directed to apprehend and bring to justice anyone found violating this directive.

Following this news, can we know your analysis below if this is a bold step, or what do you think regarding the Governor’s decision

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4 thoughts on “The Governor Of Abia State Alex Otti Has Stopped All Tax Collection Till Further notice”

  1. A perfect move as well educated and inspired Igbo Man. Am happy having you as a Governor.

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